Supporting Migrant Worker Mental Health Through Trauma-Informed Practice

The Migrant Worker Hub’s fourth E-learning Course “Supporting Migrant Worker Mental Health through Trauma-Informed Practice” has launched.

This e-learning course focuses on the mental health challenges migrant workers face in Canada and provides practical strategies and applications of trauma-informed practice in supporting a worker who may be experiencing mental health challenges. This e-learning course also provides wellness and self-care practices for migrant worker support providers

Upon completion of this 1.5-hour course participants will have acquired:

  • Knowledge of the mental health challenges experienced through Migrant Work in Canada, and the complexities in practice for professionals
  • Understanding of trauma-informed practice to support Migrant Workers, and culturally inclusive approaches to building wellness capacity
  • Practical strategies to apply trauma-informed practice
  • Supporting the wellness of the support workers and creating safe workplaces for Migrant workers

Register for this e-learning module here.

*Please note that a certificate will be issued for participants upon completing this e-learning course.

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